Website Design/Development

We are popular for offering creative websites for almost all kind of businesses, individuals, corporates, SMEs, Brands, Instituions, Organisations, Agencies and Govt. Projects etc. With experience of over 1.5 years in the industry, we create mind blowing web design which is as per latest technology, mobile responsive to give best user experience in smartphones, laptops and computers.

Why Website ?

India is turning Digital and need of having a website has become very necessary. Our aim is to help every SME get a website that ranks on Google. We create mind blowing web design with Search Engine Optimization. We have delivered over 100+ projects in last 1.5 years and still counting is on. We have in house team of experienced web designers, developers who create flawless sites.

We focus in creating eye catching design, we do complete on page optimization (we target your important keywords in content, meta tag of website, to make sure it ranks well on google). Also, to drive relevant traffic on website, we create separately city wise and country wise sub-domains. Contact us for your website requirements.

Static Website

Static Website allows the business to put a mark on the internet. These are the basic kind of website which are pre-defined with the content and images to be shown to the user. The static websites are not connected with any Content Management System (CMS) and therefore the content, images and texts of the website can not be changed in real time. Nevertheless the Static website allows the business to showcase its products and services which it has to offer to their customers. However, how easy it may sound it takes a seasoned developer to build an exquisite static website which appeals to psyche of the customers. At rodiex, we can help the business, brands and start-ups to develop amazing static website with extremely beautiful designs and enhanced user experience, so that it can help you bring more leads and enquiries for your business.

Dynamic Website

Our world keeps changing every second at every click of a mouse or on tap of a screen. In this fast changing world it is imperative that your website should also be in consistent with the changing dynamics. A dynamic website allows you to change the content and images of the website with the click of the mouse, so that you get to show your users and customers what they are searching and willing to see. A dynamic website is coupled with Content Management System (CMS) so that the website owner has the option to change the content and images of the website at the click of a mouse. Get the service from market top website development company in Delhi. We help businesses to develop a well-structured dynamic websites with strong backend coding thus making it more attractive to Search Engines and visually appealing to your customers.


The technology is changing at an unprecedented rate and so are we. As of now we provide customized E-commerce website development services in more than 5 programming languages as per the changing trends and needs of our clients. Our goal at rodiex is to develop your E-commerce website not only to rank higher in search engines, but to genuinely deliver the best possible experience to your users visiting the website so that the website visitor can be converted into a customer. A creative and cool looking website will be futile if its backend is not strong. A website is comprehensive only when its backend is as strong as its front end. In simple language, the coding of the website should be equally strong as the look of the website. A strongly coded website not only secures your information but also the information of your end users to prevent it from being hacked or stolen. At rodiex we are solely committed into making your E-commerce website not only cooler but also stronger and that means more traffic, more leads and eventually more sales. While developing your website we ensure it to be mobile friendly because we know a number of your customers would be searching for you on their mobile and handheld devices. Our website development team is committed in providing you with the very best of the services available in the industry at an affordable and agreeable price.

Portal Development

Web portal Development is a centralised database system for a single point of information for multiple departments of an enterprise. A web portal helps you to have a greater control over your business by managing multiple teams and accessing multiple information from a single point of portal, irrespective of the time, location and department of your business. You can put in place multiple checks and balances on your portal for the ease of business and experience the seamless expansion of the business and reduction of duplication of work. At rodiex, we take pride in establishing ourself as one of the best Portal Development Company, providing Custom based portal development and Enterprises Web Portal development.

Corporate Development

A corporate website development is much more than a website development, it is all about showing the profession, passion and attitude for which your brand stands. With the businesses becoming global and the world becoming smaller, it is important that your website speak the attitude of your business and establish the objectives for which your business stands. The corporate website says a lot about your company’s profession, passion and attitude. A Corporate website not only delivers information about your business or profession but is also the first point of communication and interface channel for your clients and customers from around the world. It says a lot about your company even before a person has interacted with any of your company’s staff or products in person. In other words it is the face of your company for public at large. At rodiex, we have a strong team of developers and professionals who have a cumulative experience of more than 50 years of Corporate Website Development. Our Corporate Website Development team ensures that the website developed is not only technologically efficient but is also curatively designed to look more attractive and use friendly. After all an attractive looking website never goes unnoticed.

Custom Website

A custom website is more like drawing on an empty canvas. You start from the scratch and keep on building and developing the website as per the requirement of your business. A custom website development allows the entrepreneur to inculcate the vision of business within the website. While hiring any website agency for developing a custom website, you need to bear in mind that there is a strong distinction between a custom website and customising a website. Customising a website means making certain changes within a purchased template and tweaking it meet the end goal. While on the other hand a custom based website design is one where everything is started from scratch. It doesn’t involve and purchased theme or any tweaking in the already existing website. When you work with rodiex, on custom website designing you can experience what really is a custom website development. We, as a custom website development company believes in developing a project from the scratch and meeting the functional and visual requirements of your business as a whole. As said already , a custom website development is more about painting on an empty canvas and we love to showcase our creativity whenever given a chance.